Just because a drug is currently being sold doesn’t mean that it has always been marketed safely and legally.

Modern medicine has been one of the most significant advancements for humanity in all of history. It allows people to live longer, fuller, healthier lives than we’ve ever seen before.

However, there are times when drugs have been allowed to be sold before they are properly tested for all potential hazards. They may do what they say on the label; but sometimes, drugs can come with unintended and unforeseen side-effects.

When potential side-effects are not listed, millions of people may experience sickness or death due to a lack of information. If you have been the victim of a defective drug, don’t hesitate! Call an experienced attorney such as the personal injury lawyers at The Price Law Firm in Panama City today.

There’s a long list of drugs that are still sold and are now known to cause potentially severe side-effects in patients. The following are just two examples of drugs that have come under scrutiny while still being sold today.


Statins are drugs that have been used for controlling high cholesterol for many years. However, they have recently been linked to an increased risk of type-2 diabetes and other ailments.

Lipitor, a statin produced by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, is not only the most popular statin on the market, but the most prescribed and top-selling drug in history. As such, millions of consumers are being affected by the use of this drug. By 2012, sales of Lipitor exceeded $130 billion.

While the FDA ordered Pfizer to include the elevated risk of developing type-2 diabetes on the label in 2012, it was too late for many people who had already developed the disease. Lipitor has been on the market since 1996. Many people are beginning to file lawsuits, as they were not warned about the potential side-effect of developing diabetes, and could have taken actions to monitor their glucose levels more closely to see if they were being affected.1

If you have been taking Lipitor since before 2012 and developed Type II diabetes, you may be entitled to compensation.


The very popular antidepressant known as Zoloft was linked in 2015 to an increased autism rate in children born to mothers who used the drug while pregnant. Their children were 200% more likely to develop autism by age 7.

Zoloft has been on the market since 1990. It is still being prescribed today, but the proper warnings were not in place until 2015. Like Lipitor, it is also marketed and sold by Pfizer, and many lawsuits are now being filed by mothers who have children with autism due to the drug.2.

If you have been affected by this drug, The Price Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers in Panama City are ready to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.


When pharmaceutical companies make careless mistakes and allow dangerous or defective drugs to be sold to the public, it can cause life-threatening harm to millions of consumers. If you or anyone you know has ever experienced side-effects from any medicine that were not explained on the label, you may be entitled to compensation.

To quickly and effectively get the money you’re entitled to for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, your best option is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney, such as the lawyers at The Price Law Firm in Panama City. We will fight for you and help you with a defective drug claim to get you the financial compensation you deserve!

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