How Truck Driver Shortage Can Affect Your Safety

Every year the amount of truck drivers is going down by a substantial margin. In 2015, a survey was conducted which adduced the fact that this industry is approximately 48,000 drivers short. On the other hand, the trucking industry keeps growing but the amount of qualified truck drivers they have keeps decreasing every year.

The main reason behind this shortage is the fact the trucking industry has become one of the fastest evolving industries present in the market today. This increase in demand has resulted in a swift change in the amount of qualified drivers available. Besides this, due to the dexterity involved in this line of work, many drivers have diversified into different fields that are not as demanding as truck driving. Another factor, which is the underlining cause of the shortage is the federal rules that encompass the legal parameters of truck driving, including the hours allowed and the weight these trucks carry.

How Can This Shortage Affect You?

This shortage of truck drivers will affect the well-being of every motorist on the road. The most profound effects of this shortage are:

  • More unqualified drivers behind the wheel
  • More inexperienced drivers behind the wheel
  • More underage drivers behind the wheel
  • Drivers will be on duty longer which will affect their fatigue
  • Trucks will be overloaded with cargo

All of these effects show how dangerous it can be to drive around trucks as they show the probability of accidents involving trucks will increase by a huge margin. These heavy duty trucks cannot be avoided as they are everywhere delivering cargo, and since the drivers are unqualified or inexperienced, there is a higher chance of them getting into an accident.

What To Do After An Accident Involving A Truck?

The first thing you should do is thank God you survived as accidents with trucks never end well. Since the amount of damages will be extensive, it will be difficult to get compensation from insurance companies that cover the damage. In most cases, insurance companies might even outright refuse to offer any compensation.

This is exactly why every motorist should acquire the services of a professional injury attorney that specializes in car accidents. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, a motorist can get adequate compensation for the damages occurred. These damages include medical bills, lost wages and damage that immediately occurred cause of the accident. Only a personal injury lawyer can negotiate effectively with insurance company or initiate litigation proceedings according to the facts of the case. So if you want to win a personal injury case, consider hiring an experienced lawyer from The Price Law Firm.

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